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Hideously slow...


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Hi there everybody,

OK, I've got a helluva problem with my utorrent...

First off, I'm using WinXp (fully updated), with Avast! free antivirus version, AVG free antivirus version and ZoneAlarm free firewall.

I've been using utorrent for about 3 years now. However, ever since I upgraded to version 3, I've been having speed issues, sometimes utorrent hangs, and it's always the case that vsmon.exe in my Task Manager peaks at 50% CPU usage...with Chrome taking up a lot of whatever CPU resource is left.

I have triple checked my firewall and yes, there is an exception already for utorrent...in fact, that was created automatically.

I've scanned with AVG, Avast, and I also use Glary Utilities for any registry issues. What am I doing wrong?

I'm in a shared house with Virgin Media Broadband, and I'm on a wireless-N300 connection. I've hit 1.2Mbit/s speeds before, and for the last month or so, it's all come down to a crawl. Maybe I should go back to using v2.xx?

I'm pretty sure I don't have a Trojan or anything vile like that, and I'm quite sure our connection isn't being throttled, because Virgin have a pretty generous fair usage policy. Heck, 3000MB per month is pretty damn fair usage!

They've never restricted utorrent, even when I asked them a couple of days ago...

Can anybody PLEASE provide any insight at all? Any and all help/advice would be well appreciated.


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