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I'm fairly new to uttorent and am hoping someone can help. I was using version 1.1.4 and my download was listed as complete. I transferred the file to myother pc which has a dvd burner to burn to dvd and then erased from the hard drive from both computers. When I tried to use the file with winrar I got several error messages. It appears I was a victim of version 1.1.4's bug of reporting the file 100% complete when in fact it is not. My question is, is there any way to get the file to resume from where it was, or just to download the files that are reported as corrupt. I have burnt the files to dvd and put them back in the same folder they were downloaded to, but utorrent still does not report the download and allow me to resume. As such I had to start ALL OVER AGAIN!! :cry: If anyone can help I would be EXTREMELY appreciative. Thanks

Oh...by the way I have since upgraded to version 1.1.5...GREAT CLIENT!!

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1. Copy the file back onto your hard drive

2. Download the torrent again

3. Open the torrent

4. Point it to the file you just copied to your hard drive

It should resume =]

Thanks for your porompt reply Ultima. That is what I tried earlier, I put the file back into the torrent folder and then told utorrent to put new torrents in and dave torrent to that folder. Utorrent know I previously downloaded the file because it says I have downloaded and uploaded several gigs, but it starts at 0%. Has anyone done this successfully, am i maybe doing something wrong. Thanks again!

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