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Weird Upload Limit behaviour in uTorrent 3.1.2


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I believe, images say more than words, so here are a few screenshots, that describe the issue:


Here you can see, how the upload speed spike up as soon as the upload limit has been set to 0 (unlimited). Resolution is set to "1 second".


Here's what happens, if I set a limit. Resolution is set to "30 seconds".

As you can see, my upload speeds are pretty low when the upload limit is set.

This is pretty serious, since uTorrent is either hogging up my entire upstream (impacting my network speeds) or barely uploading at all.

Is there any solution, or did I mess up with my configs or something?

An answer would be very much appreciated and thank you for taking your time reading this.

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try running setup guide tests and saving and closing a couple of times, slots should be around 5-6, and not to much of a conected peers per torrent ratio, i think no more than 100, im not that up on all this sorta stuff but thats what mine are and my up is around 80-90, hope it help

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