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Magnet link batch downloads possible? -RESOLVED


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I want to know if there is a way to input or import multiple magnet links at once instead of individually.

Here's the scenario with torrents for me. I have uTorrent running on my home machine with webui enabled. At work, I will search for torrents I want to queue up for downloading, download all the torrent files, then I will make a compressed file of all of these torrents. I then upload this file to a server. I will connect to my home PC over remote desktop, download and extract these torrents. Then load them all in one go into uTorrent. Periodically during the day I will check using the webui to stop torrents that are going to slow, change order, etc.

Now with magnet links, I am trying to duplicate this process somewhat. I know with bitcomet you can copy multiple magnet links and import them at one time.

I would much prefer to use uTorrent over bitcomet.

With uTorrent so far I have only been able to do one magnet link at a time.

As a workaround, I have been just starting the torrents at work, waiting for the torrent files to download, stopping them, and then repeating the process as above.

Please tell me there's an easier way to do this with uTorrent as I really don't want to switch to bitcomet.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice.

(And if anyone is wondering why I bother, I will typically queue up 20-30 torrents at a time and this has seemed to be the most efficient method for me so far.

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Okay, looks like a found a suitable way to do what I want here https://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=95530

Apparently this capability is built in to the miniui by Ultima which can be found here http://sites.google.com/site/ultimasites/utorrent-miniui

I added this to my webui.zip as per instructions and was able to add multiple magnet links successfully.

Just what I needed. : )

Thanks Ultima!

(I could have found this earlier but my search terms on the forum were failing me)

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