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Crash when clicking ok in the preferences dialog


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Just a quick pre-problem question, are alpha testers still sending in bug reports for the beta of uTP?

Anyhow, I think the first issue that may need to be fixed is the fact that crash dumps can't be uploaded at the moment, and error saying HttpSendRequest failed pops up when I attempt to submit the crash.

Secondly, whenever I click ok in the dialog preferences window (regardless of if I change a setting or not), uTorrent crashes.

Currently running Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit, with uTorrentPlus 3.2 Beta (build 26883), 32 bit. I also just found out that it now crashes whenever I try to add a torrent or magnet.

EDIT: Nevermind, problem was solved by removing settings.dat file from %appdata%\Roaming\uTorrent folder.

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