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Pointing uTorrent to torrent/content files from another client


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I am new to uTorrent after experiencing problems using Vuze. I have several downloaded torrents from Vuze and want to begin seeding them in uTorrent.

I am trying my first one by manually adding the .torrent file to uTorrent. However, uTorrent seems to want to download the files rather than simply seed them. The pop up window I get seems to be oriented toward downloading and doesn't allow me to specify that the files are already on my computer and select the directory they are located in for seeding. The FAQ/Guides don't appear to match the Mac version of uTorrent, so they aren't very useful.

Again, I have already downloaded all of the files in these torrents. I can't re-down load them as the tracker is prohibiting me from downloading anything until I up my share ratio. So I simply need to seed these files that are already on my computer. But I'm not seeing anything in uTorrent that allows me to designate a location where these files are sitting and attach that location to the .torrent file.

Any advice is appreciated.


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