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Speed Problems 3.1.3


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Hello everyone. Im trying to download a torrent, with horrible download speed. i followed this guide http://www.utorrent.com/help/guides/connection-setup and did everything. when i got to the test torrents, i downloaded open office. i watched the download, and it maxed around 900kb/s download speed. I did the setup guide, control g in untorrent, again, clicked save and exit when done. I then right clicked utorrent, set my download limit to 1000kb/s, because my download speed on open office was 900kb/s, and my upload limit to unlimited. i tryed to download a torrent and my download speed for it was decent to around 2%, but then it was tanking it. i mean like <10kb/s download speed. I have no idea what is going wrong, can anyone tell me? And if it helps, the torrent size is 6gb.

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