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New installation with backup - 7 months of torrents is missing


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Just did a clean installation of Win 7 yesterday. Before re-installation I took a backup of my "C:\Users\Telefunken\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent" folder. When Windows was installed I downloaded the latest version of uTorrent, installed it and then went to the "roaming\utorrent"-folder, deleted it and replaced it with my folder from the backup.

When opening utorrent everything seems fine (old torrents, flags, settings, etc is OK) BUT every torrent i downloaded the last 7 months is missing. If I check the utorrentfolder the .torrents are there but they are not appearing in uTorrent.

I had the lastest version of uTorrent (3.1) before backup so I dont think that is the problem.

Any suggestions?

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yeah, but one thing that I'm having problems is with the finished downloads, utorrent will ask for these files yet you had already moved

saving resume.dat and settings.dat will guarantee you can finish your still going downloads, but it will ask to check the already downloaded ones, drunkenfatnerd said that was the usual way and closed my topic, I disagree and bet there are a load of people who think that rechecking TB's of already checked data are not practical

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