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utorrent freezing


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hello forum, can anyone help me!!

Running Windows 7 64

utorrent versions with this issue: 3.1.3 build 27060

no firewall software

no antivirus

Things I was doing to fix this, or things I changed from the default settings that could be the problem.

1-I purged settings.dat and settings.dat.old from :appdata\uTorrent.

2-Allow only 5, 4 and now 3 torrents to download at a time.

3-changed the default cache settings - I changed these from the default setting, and then back again, but this has not helped.

Can anyone help ,it just crashes and never run up again until i end its process from the task manager!!

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If I write in too, new version 3.1.2, 3.1.3 and new beta versions, uTorrent works for some time and it freezes. Same with different antiviruses, on new and old win7 install, downloading 3 to 5 torrents at a time, no nVidia firewall.

What to do? I forget, but with older (still 3.x) version worked yust great.


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