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Torrent active while checking


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Hello dear uTorrent community.

First of all: I have used the search feature and found one post with a similar request, though not relevant to mine.

Now to the request at hand.

I have been downloading a huge torrent recently, about 50 GB in size.

Upon restarting uTorrent, the torrent had to check before it could continue downloading.

Because of the size, the torrent took quite some time to finish checking.

It's not the end of the world, of course, but it would be nice, if uTorrent could at least share parts of the torrent it has already checked, and it would be perfect, if uTorrent could try and download the parts it has checked that are missing.

At the very least, this feature could be activated when dealing with very large torrents with a size greater than 20 GB.

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