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3.1.3 (27060) hangs when downloading/checking


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I was used 1.8.5 for a long-long time, but it has a incovinience with magnet (can't change destinantion directory before downloading), so I try to update.

I tried 3.1.3 (previous - 269...47?) and 3.1.3 (latest - 27060) - same behaviour. I have TaskManager shows 100% CPU immediately after start uTorrent, then some minutes of work (1-10) with 20-50%, then uTorrent process hang (TaskManager shows 0%) and isn't responding. Then I kill it and repeat. Sometimes it can't even finish torrent re-checking (it automatically started after killing uTorrent process).

There's no such problem with seeding only (I have more than 400 torrents seeding). But problem appears if I try to download something (either one torrent in time or several simultaneously). It works less time when in foreground and more time when minimized (there's another cosmetic bug: uTorrent icon isn't appeared in notification area in 2/3 cases when I minimize uTorrent), however hang will happen in any case. Tried to erase SETTINGS.DAT (and .OLD) - doesn't help.

OS Windows 2003 server R2 x86 SP2 + all latest hotfixes under VMWare with latest VMWare Tools. No such problem with uTorrent 1.8.5.

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