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Slow browsing when Utorrent is active.


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Hello there, i know this is a common thread but i've spent the last 3 weeks browsing through the forums without finding any solutions so i thought i would make my own post.

The problem i am having is that my browsing speed goes down alot when utorrent is active and internet slows down alot. My utorrent is not affected by this. My internet connection is 100/10mbit. The thing is that it seems that the more torrents i get in utorrent the slower everything becomes. I recently reinstalled windows and it worked for about a week but now it's affecting my internet again.

Things i have done.

1) Used the settings in the conservetive chart thing that's on the forums.

2) I've set my half open to 20 and other numbers. This helps some, but then it's almost impossible to get any torrents to become active.Also this only works for a while then it becomes slow again.

3) checked everything in my firewall to see that nothing is blocking.

4) tried uninstalling my virus protection to see if it helped, it didnt.

5) i have capped both upload and download on 80% of my max. (8mb down/ 800kbs up)

6) tried using with and without DHT, none of them works

Does anyone know how to fix this problem? This is a new issue and i am not sure what to do anymore.


// Niner0

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