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Downloaded torrent vanishes

John Grey

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uTorrent works perfectly as usual, I made a mess of the uTorrent configuration in the preferences/Directories page.

I want finished torrents to end up here: C:\Users\TDV\Desktop\Torrents

at present, when I delete a torrent from the uTorrent page after the upload ratio is reached, it also deletes the torrent itself from that folder.

On the directories folder there are five different lines to choose folders, where goes what.

What is the correct way for this?


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alright when you see the X button to delete the file...right click on it and check REMOVE....and then check move to trash if possible...that way you can recover it if need be

as for making the torrents move to where you want them you would need to provide more information... do you want the torrent file moved or do you want the actual file you downloaded moved?

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