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Send file to friends and family - obsolete instructions?


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I have a large file at work, already downloaded by uTorrent, and I want to transfer it to home. I launch uTorrent 3.2 on both computers, go to "uTorrent Welcome", and read the instructions: "Select one or more torrents; click send in the toolbar; or right-click the selected torrent(s) and select Send Torrent.". But I don't see anything like that neither in the toolbar, nor in context menu,

OK, then at work I "copy magnet URL" and enter it at home. The torrent at home gets created and soon is already downloading from quite a number of peers - however my work computer is not among them. At the same time, work computer is uploading this file to quite a number of peers, but my home computer is not among them.

I make sure that the torrents at home and work have 2 common trackers (openbittorrent and ccc.de), and they are working. Still, they don't see each other.

What am I doing wrong, and what about the instructions about "send file to friends and family" ?

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