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Since updates utorrent Wont't download


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uTorrent worked good both way till couple weeks ago with new updates. Now uploading works But nothing will download. Have 3.3 Alpha now. If I look at trackers of a download. It will show peers. But will not start to download at all. If somebody could help me out.


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Version 3.1.3

Build 27207

Windows 7 x64

I am having the same problem, also with seeding. My previous version was very quick. Now, I'm seeding a file I downloaded last week and there are 14 peers, none connected. In fact, I rarely get any peers connecting to my seeds.

Global upload rate limit: 90kb

Global maximum number of connections: 60

Max connected peers per torrent 15

Num of upload slots per torrent 6

Currently, only 1 peer is connected and my upload rate is 0.9kB/s.

I've redone my port forwarding, etc. to no avail. I've been using uTorrent for about 5 years.

Any ideas?



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