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Download directories from utorrent server


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Hello all,

I would like to know how to choose my download directory when starting a torrent, in the windows version, I can go into the GUI and when I select enable webui there is an option to list directories that the webui will be able to save to, now, in the linux version this is not available as there is no gui. But when I start a torrent from the webui it has the same drop down menu as the windows version but only default download directory is selected. I want to be able to have some files save to TV shows and some files save to Movies directories. How can I achieve that in the Linux version on Ubuntu?

Many thanks,

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From the manual:

dir_request (string):/mnt/sambashare/TorrentFiles/TorrentHax

# Default value: "". Directory where maintenance request files will be recognized, loaded, and deleted.

# If the empty string, maintenance request handling is disabled.

# If the file rcf.utmr is created in or moved into this directory,

# the server will reload the configuration file. If you always use this method to request a configuration file reload,

# you can safely change the value of this setting while the server is running.

Use this to reload the conf file while running, to set it, delete settings.dat, and then read the manual in the docs folder.

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