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Loss of Download Speed


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I realize that this topic has been thrown around a lot, but for some random reason my speed has dropped considerably.

I have a 8Mb/s connection and would always get DL speeds of 1Mb/s. Regardless of how many programs running in the background or browsing, the DL speed would consistently be around 1Mb/s (even with average seeds to peers ratio).

Yesterday, the speeds have been very awkward. Every torrent has a different speed, but all of them are very low around 10-100kb/s. Another thing I noted was that the speeds fluctuate a lot, but never reaching high speeds. I have NOT made a single change to any settings whatsoever during this timeframe. I'm quite confused as to why this is happening.

Things I have tried since the problem occured:

- I was on an older version on utorrent, so I updated to the latest version (no improvement in speed)

- I have called my ISP to check the internet connection and everything checked out

- I have restarted everything (my Mac, the router, the actual torrents)

- I tried to adjust the utorrent settings (no improvement)

- I tried another program (i.e. Bittorrent) and had the same problem

Any help/solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi imad,

i was just wondering are you from UAE ? i have am having the exact same problem that you are talking about, i have a 100MBps line and used to get very decent speeds ( 1-2 mbps on average- 6-10Mbps on high ) right now i am fluctuating between 0.1kbps and 10kbps 90 % percent of the time, sometimes i go up to 100kbps but thats about the max.

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Yes, I am in the UAE. 2 or 3 days ago the speeds just suddenly dropped. I have tried on two separate laptops and have the same problem. Not sure what to do now. Is there something special about magnet links, because many sites have started using that and I am getting very slow speeds for that as well. I used to get the normal 1Mb/s speeds for everything, but now everything is very slow.

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