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Newly Created Torrents Uploading Extremely Slow


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I created 9 new torrents. I have 3mbit/sec upload rate with my isp (Shaw Canada).

I am uploading 1-2 kb/s if uploading at all to the connected peers. It peaked out on the most popular torrent at about 30 kb/s for a few seconds. Ports are open, windows firewall is disabled, no software firewall. eod32 and antimalware is disabled. router is in dmz mode. I also find only one torrent at a time will be uploading.

10 upload slots, connect speed 7 and max half open 100, and currently now 3, and 20 respectively as suggested in a topic in the forums.

Any suggestions, I really need to pump out some downlodas of my torrents.

Edit: On Azeurues I get 590 kb/s

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