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Can I remove the .dat file type in Unassoc without messing up stuff?


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So, somehow my .dat file extention got associated with Media Player Classic, and I don't want it to be (the reason why is irrelevant, of course)

Anyway, would completely deleting the .dat global file type associations mess with how the .dat files interact with programs, like uTorrent?

For example, this is what the Unassoc screen looks like: unassoc.jpg

When I just click "delete user file association", it only gets rid of the association that I manually set, but it still keeps it associated with Media Player Classic. Clicking "Delete file type" deletes it in the list of file types, but it doesn't actually go and delete all the files with that type (that wouldnt even make sense)

So, would completely deleting the .dat file association actually "hurt" anything or mess up the way .dat files work with uTorrent, or any other program, even if I deleted it everywhere in the registry?

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