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Downloading next to impossible with v3 and also v2??


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I have been losing my hair since the v3 came out because of the notorious "always rechecking, never really downloading" bug. One of the v3 builds worked perfectly but I was stupid and assumed the bug is history and updated without checking what that build number was.

Like most of you I have started using v2 again but not without severe problems. Most of my torrents fail to download correctly. It says finished but when I open the folder there is still .!ut files there.

Now I can't remember when the last time was when I used a working torrent client. So, I am looking for a solution to v2 or v3 but since fixing v3 seems impossible I am also looking for an alternative client suggestion or any different way of downloading really. It should have rss or another automatic downloader.

Please help. This never ending nightmare has changed my #1 hobby into anger management sessions.

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