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moving finished downloads

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Same kind of problem here. finished downloads do not get moved. first it was finished downloading but still seeding, didn't get moved. then i stopped it, its status changed to finished, but it still didn't get moved.


dir_active: ./incomplete
dir_completed: /data/files/downloads

the "root dir" is not defined but utserver is located at /data/services/utorrent, so dir_active is /data/services/utorrent/incomplete. incomplete files end up in the incomplete folder, but aren't moved or copied to /data/files/downloads. very annoying. :|

up next im going to try disabling the minimum ratio of 120%, but i'd like to auto-seed AND have access to my download before seeding is finished. the downloads folder is scanned by other software and automatically used in my media library (subsonic, in turn sharing it with all xbmc's on the network)

it'd be nice to be able to throw in a torrent and be able to use the media on the network as soon as the download is finished instead of having half-finished files available. :rolleyes:

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