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I need a tutorial how to set up VPN with Utorrent, PLEASE!!


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Hello there,

I need to browse anonymously and also I do not want to pay for a VPN service.

So, I've tried hotspot shield, cyberghost, and openvpn with private tunnel.

All work flawlessly for surfing the web, but all my torrents freeze. I figure I need to set up a proxy in utorrent, but I have no idea how to do that. Can someone give me a numbered step by step (with screenshots if possible please!) on how to set up VPN with Utorrent?

Thank you kindly.

Also, I am running windows xp and AVG for firewall, if that is important.

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Free proxies & VPNs may well block torrents / torrent sites. They don't want the traffic - on a free service. If you pay, you can easily find VPNs / other methods to d/l torrents anonymously.

For how to setup a VPN, I'd look on more technical sites. Some that may already have articles or posts, or where someone might help / point to other sites:

Torrent Freak

Wilders Security Forum


There are many more than these, but u could post a req for suggested sites or article links.

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