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Torrent stops as soon as I add a torrent.


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Hey guys. For torrents, I usually use thepiratebay and I always use Magnet Links. After clicking on it and setting the download destination, it automatically says Stopped and I have to go into the program and press play with each torrent that I add. I haven't messed with any settings and this is the first time this is happening to me. Any ideas?

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Having same issue' date=' I'd love to hear how you went about to fixing it.


Same here.

I tried switching on the "Update to beta versions" in Preferences > General section. That seems to have fixed it. Update and give it a shot.

Thanks, it seems to have fixed it. Before, new torrents wouldn't download faster than 0.5 kB/s, until it stopped. Now the torrent is quickly speeding up.

Beta > stable

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