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Seeds - Peers columns Torrents list and Tracker tab


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I am curious as to the counts displayed on each (main window vs. tracker tab). It would seem the list on the main window would be at least as large as the largest number of Seeds - Peers on the Tracker tab. (And should/could be larger depending on the list of trackers in a specific users client and whether DHT is enabled - some users do not want to use DHT.)

Do/can trackers send a subset of the total number of Seeds/Peers. they have currently active or do they send the entire set? For example, if the tracker shows 100 Seeds, and 300 Peers. does it return a list of 400 IP's or some subset of that list? Is the number returned parameter driven? And if so, what attribute is used to set it? I have been searching for the P2P Tracker Protocol on Wikipedia but not successful as of yet.

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