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Upload speeds rarely approach max upload value


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Usually, my upload speeds (total, if several jobs at once) is far below my u/l cap - set by running setup guide. I know the u/l speed CAN reach the cap - it does on rare occasions - but is usually far below it. This can result in very long seeding times.

I use forced outgoing encryption & don't allow unencrypted incoming. But, looking at seeder info on vast majority of jobs, they are using encryption, also. I have the bandwidth to handle the d/l & u/l speeds & a fast PC, so that's not the issue.

Already posted my bandwidth & queuing settings in this post https://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=672534#p672534

I raised the "number of upload slots per torrent" from default (shown on screen from other post) to 7, based on a torrent freak article. That didn't seem to make a diff in test. Is it possible that my peers are already getting their d/l from other users & just so happens don't need much from me? Could be but doesn't sound right.


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