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Shows seeders but very little download speed


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I'm having a problem with downloading torrents using utorrent on my laptop. What happens is that the torrent shows seeders (34 in number) but isn't downloading it at a speed of more that 5-10 kbps.

The problem is not with my ISP or router as the SAME torrent on my desktop connected using the SAME router gives around 200 kbps of download speed. I thought it might be a problem with the wifi (through which i connect my laptop) so I measured signal strength as well as tinkered with some wifi settings with no luck. The signal strength is strong, so I doubt its a signal problem...

I tried directly downloading something so i downloaded firefox and voila.. Chrome showed a download speed of 196 kbps while downloading firefox.. So now i know its not a problem with my connection.. but rather utorrent settings..

So i tries re-installing u-torrent.. but still nothing.. I hope someone can help me.



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