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Automating my download/seed process.


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Hi, I'm looking to automate more of my download/seed process, but not sure how exactly to do this.

Let's say that download The Tunnel, when I start downloading I mark it with the label "Movies". and it is downloaded to d:\downloads\unfinnished.

When the download is completed it's moved to d:\downloads\finnished\movies\

At this point I would like to "Force Start" the torrent so that it keeps on seeding.

At the same time I would like it to make a copy of the downloaded content in d:\downloads\finnished\rename\

The content of that folder is renamed and moved to my server at 15:00 every day. (This is handled by TheRenamer)

30 days later I want to delete the torrent file and content from d:\downloads\finnished\movies\

Basically what I need uTorrent to do when a download completes is the following:

make a copy of the downloaded folder in d:\downloads\finnished\movies\

"Force Start" the torrent

Delete torrent and data after 30 days.

I am guessing I would have to use the "Run program" part of uTorrent, but is this possible to set up?

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