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Not compatible with this architecture? (!!)


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PPC support is now officially dropped. The last supported version for PPC users is 1.6. You can download the latest 1.6 version from here http://user.utorrent.com/downloads/mac. Please remove the current uTorrent from your machine and install uTorrent 1.6.5. We fixed this issue and unsupported versions will not be offered automatically for PPC.


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does that mean I should stick with 1.6.5 and not accept any further updates? or indeed that updates will not be offered by the system? I am guessing you mean the latter.

shame you are dropping ppc support, uTorrent is a great use for these old machines, not least because the whole machine can be dedicated to uTorrent as mine is; dropping ppc means uTorrent will have to be one of many instead of The One.

thank you.

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ok, thanks for all the fixes :-)

(what was wrong with it?)

anyway, I still use ancient life ended machines here quite happily. I think following Apple's end of life is premature - all it means is they have achieved perfection and have to move on to the imperfect in order to continue to make money.

Of course if as you say 1.6.5 is indeed perfect, then all is well.

All I ask is that you don't drop uTorrent ppc stone dead in so far if something changes in our operating environment or the "world of torrent" to break uTorrent, such as an Apple update (remember they update the OS even if the ppc is dead) then you will not leave us to die a silent painful death in some year to come. Please.

I like having a machine dedicated to uTorrent - I cannot do that (yet) with any Intel machines.

Heck I still use Lotus Agenda that runs in DOS.. if it works why dump it.

uTorrent works on ppc - No development? No problem, but please leave the oxygen on.

part of me likes to think that if you are aware of a problem, you won't ne able to resist fixing it - this is after all one of your babies. :-)

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