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RSS Feeds repeatedly downloading the same torrents.


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I am using 3.2 build 27568. I updated from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 and then to 3.2.0 as part of trying to trouble shoot this problem. I've seen searching this forum, and others that this happened in older versions..

I use dailytvtorrents.org. When I started getting torrents from them many months ago all was fine. I got the occasional duplicate, but at this time I am getting duplicates of almost every episode of every feed. Today I have downloaded fringe.s04e22 3 times already.

I had utorrent set to update at 60 minutes intervals, but I changed that to 180 as I was having to run downstairs every hour and delete the duplicates that kept downloading.

I have a PC dedicated to file storage and utorrent. It is shut down each night. I use the scheduler to stop torrents 30 minutes before the machine shuts down.

I have 33 feeds. All are afflicted with this problem.

I've tried; Deleting the feeds and re-add them, updating from older versions and reinstalling Windows from scratch. I've gone into RSS Downloader and reset every feed in there.

Don't know if this is pertinent but the paramters I use for them is; prefer=720&wait=3&minage=2&onlynew=yes

(Which is what they have as an example on the configuration page).

Sometimes when I look at the feed the see the history (Already downloaded), but often it is completely empty.

Can anyone please shed some light on this.

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