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3.3 Alpha ***** !!! OMG !!!! Thankyou


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OMG, I feel like a cross between Jimmy Fallon and a valley girl!

OMG, thankyou for fixing "DISK OVERLOAD"! :D

OMG, thankyou for fixing the mains icons similar to 1.8! :D

OMG, thankyou for fixing the tab order in the info panel! :D

OMG, thankyou for keeping the nice small running size if you need it!

OMG, thankyou for those nice apps that are easy to manage!

OMG, thankyou for connecting to my iPhone!


Way to go Devs! Everything else is running fine, private and public trackers, dht or not.

No problems so far. And the new stuff looks great too!

From user of old P4 (10 years old) regular ATA disk, with W7-x86 and stuck back on 2.2.1 for a while. :cool:

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