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All downloadings and seeding files have vanished !


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Hi everybody !

I have a Snow Leopard. Until few days ago I had no problems at all with Utorrent ! Even if I disconnected

the laptop at night, when I re-connected it , the Utorrent files started downloading and seeding

properly. Two days ago without any reason the Utorrent windows appeared empty !! no downloadings

no seeding files at all , anything !

I have re-started the downloadings but ......... I am afraid it will happen again.

Can anybody please tell me which is the reason ?

Sorry for my poor english, it is not my native tongue.

best regards



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I am using v1.6.5 (27624).

I am getting a similar effect.

If I close down uTorrent whilst a download is underway it then marks the download as Completed and does not restart it on computer restart.

This did not use to happen in earlier versions of uTorrent (0.9x version and 1.3).

I can only assume that this is a bug!

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