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Unstable download speed


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Hi there! I've just got my 100/100(Mbit/s) connection and was looking forward to some increased speeds!

Well, it's better then before but not very stable, when i first load up the torrent it goes to 7-9MB/s but after a few seconds it goes down to 2-4/MB/s. I've followed the setup guide and my port is open, connected with cable from airport, got the same setup as i had on 24/2 connection and that one was stable at 2.3MB/s.

I wanna be able to maximize my download speed with atleast 9-10MB/s on a torrent with alot of seeders, i know i can't reach high speed when there is just a few seeders. When i measure on speedtest.net i get good results so im not complainin about that :)

Any settings i've could have missed or anything under advanced i have to change to get a more stable speed?

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Forgot uTorrent 3.2 Build 27886

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