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Im trying to auto download anime as they air, unlike shows many sub groups do them and almost each sub group release different qualities 1080p / 720p / 480p ...

when i make filters and test them they always download more than one torrent with different qualities no matter what settings i do O.o

im getting my torrents from [ Nyaa.eu ] RSS

those r my filters for certain series


and when i rest everything again and click "update feed" again

it once again download more than one file :S


how can i fix that O.o thanks in advance :)

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You can narrow it down by using the NOT: section...

If you want to download only 720p, in the NOT: put in *480p*|*1080p*

If you want to download only the 8bit, in the NOT: put in *10bit* you can combine them *480p*|*10bit* etc..

Make sure you separate them with a | , and use the * on both sides, so it will read before and after.

If you only have 1 not, then there is no need to add the | , and don't put a | after the last entry.

Also use the QUALITY section to narrow down the list.. I use HDTV in the Quality Section.

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Here's an example rule for downloading standard X264 ( this was created for my avi, but still works - as i didn't have the capacity in the past to download 720p

Name - The Simpsons

Filter - The Simpsons* ( always add * at the end of name - it has more success )

Not - *mpg* |*720p*|*1080p*|*season*|*nuked*|*repack*|*(German)*|*(French)*

I have just recently created one for 720p to download our shows in this quality also

name - High Def

Filter - *Dexter*|*How I Met*|*The Big Bang*|*Fringe*|*House*|*Grey*s Anatomy*|*Criminal Minds*|*True Blood*|*Bones*|*Breaking Bad*|*Castle*|*Family Guy*|*Futurama*|*NCIS*|*Being Erica*|*Warehouse 13*|*Merlin (2008)*|*The Mentalist*|*community*|*Spartacus*|*Gossip Girl*|*Supernatural*|*The Vampire Diaries*|*Private Practice*|*glee*|*Boardwalk Empire*|*The Walking Dead*|*Blue Mountain State*Game of Thrones*|*Haven*|*Suits*|*The Killing*|*Falling Skies*|*Alphas*|*Franklin & Bash*|*Drop Dead Diva*|*Revenge*|*Two and a Half Men*|*Two and a Half Men*|*American Horror Story*|*Sanctuary*|*Sherlock*|*New Girl*|*White Collar*|*Once Upon A Time*|*Touch*|*2 Broke Girls*|*Apartment 23*|*Continuum*|*Dallas*|*Arrow*|*666 Park Avenue*|*Beauty and the Beast*|*Ben and Kate*|*Elementary*|*Emily Owens*|*Chicago Fire*|*Go On*|*Guys with kids*|*Last Resort*|*The Mindy Project*|*Nashville*|*Revolution*|*Newsroom*|*Gordon Ramsays*|*Hell on Wheels*|*Downton Abbey*|*Moone Boy*|*The Mob Doctor*|*Perception*|*Flashpoint*|*The Simpsons*

Not - *mpg* |*x264*|*1080p*|*season*|*nuked*|*repack*|*(German)*|*(French)*

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For 720p, there is an alteration from my original recommendation

When selecting the not "Filter" enter the following


as opposed to the following ( as even 720p are encoded in "x264"

*mpg* |*x264*|*1080p*|*season*|*nuked*|*repack*|*(German)*|*(French)*

From the drop down list for quality select 720p.

This works for me

Regards, mccay_a

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