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I have had terrible trouble with uploading files. I can download files at good speeds, but as soon as the torrent is completed on my machine my upload speeds fall away until eventually they drop to zero. I have followed the best practice guides and set up guides. I have installed uninstalled rebooted and installed again and again, I have forwarded ports and checked that they are open and will respond to a ping request. But time and again I get peers attempting to connect to a torrent, the upload speed will start at a miserly 2 or 3k and then quckly dribble away to nothing.

So I started watching what was happening at the port level using TCPView. And the first thing that struck me is that uTorrent is listening on 3 local ports that I did not stipulate. I have set up a static ip address and checked that the single port I thought utorrent was listening on was forwarded. But I see connections being established on ports other than the 1 in the utorrent preferences setup. Is that how it should be?

I also see that very soon, a second or less, after the connection is Established it is followed either by Close_Wait or Last_Ack. I also see that my machine is listed as both listening on the port set in utorrent and also at remote address and remote port 0. Again, is this how it should be?

I don't understand TCP and have only delved into the TCP because I am so frustrated at being unable to upload torrents, and having tried all the suggestions I could find to no avail I just figured that there must be some time out proc or something similar that is interfering. Anyway any help or insights would be welcome.

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I noticed similar behavior after upgrading to µTorrent Stable (3.2.1 build 28086). I tried µTorrent beta (3.2.2 build 28246), but fared no better. The symptoms are similar to the OP, but also that I was connecting with very few peers while downloading. For example, downloading a torrent with 1 seed and 31 peers, I was connected with only 3 peers. This was also true of completed torrents where I was seeding, but there were peers with whom I might connect. As noted, upload speeds were a trickle of the 425 KBps I have µTorrent set to use. That was true of completed and active downloads. My percent complete would be right up there with the top peers, but my ratio would be less than 0.1, even though I let it run overnight (expected stats with such poor Up speeds).

I say "was" because as soon as I downgraded to µTorrent 3.1 (build 26616) I saw immediate improvement. Didn't reboot or change any network settings.

This is 32-bit Windows XP Pro.

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