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uTorrent won't download the first file of any subfolder


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Say I got a singer's discography torrent and I select [tick (√)] on the folders of certain music albums if I don't want the whole discography to be downloaded. No matter what the first file (usually track no. 1) won't be downloaded. If I try to download it alone after that it will also not be downloaded.

I also tried not clicking on the folder itself, but actually got to tick every single file of the folder and still the first file didn't download.

Same thing happens with any torrent that includes (sub)folders. The first file just won't be downloaded.

Thank you for your time.

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Thanks for reporting! This bug will be fixed in the next releases.

Well no problem, but to be honest I kinda believe this problem might be mine only – wrong settings possibly – because I doubt that no one else using uTorrent for Mac haven't noticed so far that they won't get the first file of any subfolder. I mean it's only logical to be like this if you understand what I'm saying.

Anyways. Thanks.

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