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I just had to spend 5 minutes of my life to express my disappointment in the entire uTorrent team. I really thought you were guys were different. Had values. Had pride in your work. Frowned on the norm and laughed in the faces of all the other torrent programs when you stole their users by offering a flat out minimalistic, clean, fast and just plain awesome approach to torrenting.

I loved your program. It just worked and did what it was supposed to do and NOTHING else. It was.... for lack of a better word....PERFECT.

I recently just installed utorrent yet again on my new third PC. I pride myself on being a smart browser of the internet. By that i mean I read everything between the lines and never click on dumb sh*t. I do not even use antivirus software at all! Anyways.... Somehow after installing your "new and improved" (LOL) version of your fine software I ended up with something that shocked the poop right out of me.


Yes thats right, a toolbar had somehow been installed to my lovely minimalistic Chrome browser. Now I say again I unchecked every "noob" box and declined everything I possibly could (meanwhile i shook my head at the fact I had to do that at all). Yet still, a toolbar...... It was not easy to uninstall and started up a few processes that I deemed unnecessary. Me not being an idiot I did uninstall it fully. Along with uTorrent.

If I were your dad I would be so embarrassed and just plain disappointed. You lost my trust.

I personally hope the worst for you in all your future en devours and that you will forever be doomed to scrounge the bottom of the internet ocean for scraps. Like an insignificant scrawny little pos bottom feeder.

So long sellouts. :cool:

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