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Hi, first of all i wanna say that this program really rocks and that i'm so sorry for having discovered it soo late!

Ok, so what i would like to see a column with the remaining size left to download.. it seems that everything is included except that.

and also what would be cool is somekind of calculator that show the size of the selection you have and so you could choose if it calculates the remaining size (to download) or total size of the selection..

thx for reading my post!

greets and again thx for such a cool program :)

see ya

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oh sorry, got a little over anxious there and didn't really see a topic that related to my request in a blink of an eye.. hehe

though it does miss the calculator stuff wich for me would rock.. don't know if many people would make use of it or even how they are going to implement that...


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