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utorrent stopped working, vuze is still running smooth

jj 09

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Ok I have been using utorrent for quite a while and for some reason about an hour ago it stopped working.

I tried downloading vuze and it still works perfect so I'm not sure what is going wrong.

I tried switching off my antivirus and then downloading a file. This seemed to work but then I switched the port for incoming connections and now disabeling the antivirus doesn't work anymore either.

When I click on a new torrent all the files are completely red, instead of normally green/white.

I'm sort of a newbie when it comes to changing settings but I could use all help I can get here, because utorrent>vuze any day :)

edit: my antivirus is avast latest version, running windows 7 and I installed the latest version of utorrent but still no luck :(

edit2: uninstalled with options deleted and reinstalled, works perfectly now. Too bad about the torrents I was seeding and those that were half-finished :/

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