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How do I make torrenting set-up easier?


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I have a little dilemma - I'm always changing computer configurations / HDDs / new OS installs etc.

In the past I only used utorrent to download stuff - I would designate one folder on a 1TB HDD to everything torrents/downloaded.

As of last week, I have started to create, upload & seed a truckload of media, all of which is spread over 2x 2TB HDDs.

On the weekend I changed rigs (again), to something that uses less power :P of course, I came across a new problem:


I mixed that up. But now I have re-formatted the new rig, again, I have to go thru the migration steps - it is tedious etc :(

Any ideas to 'slip-stream' hardware/OS changes so that I don't have to point completed torrents to their respective (completed) data?

When I used to just download, all I had to do was drag all the .torrent files into utorrent & it would do the rest, but now that I have created my own torrents where the shared data is not in the 'original' torrent folder, it wreaks havoc on seeding etc :(

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