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RSS downloads dumping outside of folder


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My friend and I do a podcast and make movies and music. We release archives of all of our media, licensed Creative Commons attribution, and seed via three seed boxes. We have an RSS feed for the magnet links of the releases, About two dozen people are regularly downloading and seeding, and that number is growing. It's all working perfectly, EXCEPT.....

After a couple months of this, we recently started having a problem...downloaders using uTorrent have an issue where if they download an archive of several episodes, as we make available from time to time, it doesn't organize neatly into a sub-folder, the way we make the archive torrents and the way it used to work. Now it downloads all the files in that folder without making the folder on their end, and dumps all the files into whatever folder they have set as their default uTorrent download.

Here's the RSS feed link, if that helps,


But I think it's on the uTorrent end, because as far as I've heard, it's only happening with people using uTorrent (latest version.) I tried it on my end in uTorrent and got the same issue.

I'd love to know if anyone else is having this problem, and if anyone knows a solution, either on the uTorrent side or on the RSS side.



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