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Hash checking unsuccessful at the start of seeding for data available


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It's weird this bug is not reported yet, I wasn't able to find in the recent bug reports... But it's very annoying, especially for intensive seeders like I am. Also I would want to hear if some other people have the same problem.

This problem is in last 2 or 3 versions, it never occured before. Steps to reproduce it:

- You already have your seeding data in your download directory

- Load .torrent in utorrent and it begins hash-check of data already available

- It can't finish the check successfully (100%, mark the torrent for seeding, like it actually is), but it always understands there is 50-99% of data available

- Then you must stop the torrent, run force re-check, and then on the second checking, it's checked to 100%, and you must start it again.

My system is Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit, I can assure you I don't have malware because I use multiple checkers. Any additional data you need, I'm available...


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