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Download speed peaks at 3 to 4MB/s on 60mb/s Cable connection


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I recently got a cable connection and after speed testing it, it is as the ISP advertises - a 60mb/s download / 5 mb/s upload connection

Problem is whenever I download any torrents from the major trackers, download speeds always max out at around 1.2MB/s...even when it shows plenty of seeders - most of the time download speeds are around 500Kbs

I understand the difference between mb/s and MB/s and that with a 60mb/s connection I should be able to achieve download speeds of appx 7MB/s under optimal conditions

I looked online for some torrents suggested by others to download in order to test download speeds - During download of these torrents, I was able to reach download speeds of appx 4MB/s which made me happy and warm on the inside...However once it reaches 4MB/s, it quickly goes back down and plateaus out at around 2MB/s

So please educate me...is a 7MB/s download speed only theoretically possible under the most optimal conditions? Is it normal to only get around 1.2MB/s download speeds when downloading movies/music/software etc from the major trackers? I'm pretty sure I've got all the port forwarding and utorrent settings correct and I've done tests confirming my ISP isn't throttling my speeds when downloading torrents

If what I'm experiencing is pretty much par for everyone else, then please let me know...Am I just naive to think I should be getting close to 7MB/s download speeds on all my torrent downloads?

Thanks in advance!!

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