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How do I get my f'ing homepage back?


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Really..... What the hell is this??


I UNCHECKED the 3 check boxes to not install the bloatware and then during the install I got a tos delivered to me in Polish, NOT my computer language but the language of the country I'm in. It was an accept or deny and I thought it was to install the program.

NOW my browsers are highjacked, my homepage and search is highjacked. I don't want to hear all the reasons for why it happened, I don't care...I want my computer back.

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Ok....I reset my homepage and my search engine...that didn't do it . Then I wrote the above. Then I found part of the solution. It added a chrome extension.

I also found a shortcut for this 22apple crap on my computer. I surely hope there isn't any other rotten apples out there.

Makes you wanna never touch an apple again.

Shit...It got all my browsers...

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