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not down or up loading


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first off i have read alot of troubleshooting post and searched but still have a problem but learned alot along the way well here it goes i am rumming windows vista i had utorrent 3.2 installed and things were going great not real fast but getting the job done then i realized i was not uploading (seeding) very much even though i had unlimited marked for seeding then i was trying to forward a poort with portforward then all the bars went red and the downloads stoped so i am waiting for help from port forward and no up or down loads since so i thought i would upgrade to utorrent 3.2.3 and then all my downloads dissapeard and some were at 87% done now i dont know how to get them back to download i am hopeing it is something simple or i clicked the wrong box or something any kida help would be great thanks

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