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While I have been using utorrent for quite some time, I've just recently started using the feed feature.

One of the first issues to crop up is the "previously downloaded" status and the RSS status.

One feed that I use will import a number of items which I don't want to download. They are left in the list and I don't see a method to remove them.

In some other feeds, If I remove an item, it shows in the feed list as "previously downloaded" How can I get rid of these items.

I appreciate any guidance anyone could provide to me.


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I've got the same issues here.... Although, if I go to one feed that I have control over (A Personal RSS Favorite Feed) what is in the feed at the source from the website, and clear everything. uTorrent updates the feed information and removes the listings. However, on feeds created by searches, I come to accept that there is no way to delete them... as when the feed is updated, it will just bring them back in.

As to your conflicts with downloading specific items in a feed. If you find an item in the feed, and right click and add to favorites, it will add it to the RSS Downloader. Where you can put in more specific searching information, TV show name, uploader etc... and which feed it's from to isolate those torrents of interest from your feed. There are other settings here as well that will allow you fine tune your downloading needs.


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