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uTorrent 3.3 doesn't switch between categories in the sidebar


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To add to the record,

Win XP pro SP3 with a portable app version of uTorrent 3.3 (build 29038),

doesn't switch between categories in the sidebar either.

The first symptom was that none of the torrents displayed when I switched categories. I did see U and D activity updating at the top of the window and when I minimized, but none of the torrents showed up. I figured a restart would solve it. On restart I had torrents show up, but when I selected different sidebar categories they did not change the torrent display. I was able use the sort by columns, just not the categories.

I had just added the WebUI on the previous version and had it working. I thought the webUI had introduced the problem so I removed it. Removal did not remedy the problem. I will try reverting to a previous version till this issue has more analysis and feedback. It appears to be OS independent; and in my mind is not related to the webUI.

Is everyone else having this problem using the portable version of uTorrent?

uTorrent 3.3 (build 29038)



category switching

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