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Files of many Torrents in only one list


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Sometimes one have many torrents with many files in each one (for example of many similar torrents for different dates) and you want to download certain files and you don´t remember where (in which torrent from your list of torrents) is each of this files, so I thought... why can't we just select the torrents in which we want to search and the list of files in them appear as only one big list of files (where we can select the ones we want to download) instead of only the list of one of this torrent.

Saying it in a more simple way, the option to see the contents of many torrents in only one file list.

Other way could be having a way to search for files in the torrent list... (not among the .torrent itself, but among the files in them)

Another way could be merging many torrents to be seen as one (but to continue working independently each file with their correct track, etc)

I have been looking for a client that let me do that, but I think there is no one, and as this client is by far my favourite, I thought that perhaps you could add such feature...

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