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which ip does talk talk see?


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Hi Guys

i'm a newbe to the forum and thought after many hours off scrolling the net on vpn's etc i thought I'd ask a question here as i was having my download speed throttled to no end by talk-talk. I have been using gotrusted the last few days after reading a few reviews to see what if anything happened with my isp. Initially i thought, or it looked like the speed had dramattatically improved at the times off day my isp where throttling me, however the speeds are now down again quite extensively from 500kb/s to 40!

I am downloading files from a person who's files have allowed me 500kb/s+ downloading with at times a 2mb/sec spped but i seem to be still throttled so i telephoned this person who says nothings changed from his aspect and i know from others that my isp still seem to be throttling me even tho i am using gotrusted. But as newbe to all this.. gotrusted is meant to give out a false ip adress to my isp, however when checking the network preferences my ip shows up as another number and i am wondering as the router was installed here a few days ago by talk talk will they still see this ip from the router or will that be masked by gotrusted's ip?? do i need to buy say a new netgear fibre router?? inconjunction to new vpn software?

I do not mind paying for a great service as i would like to give something back to the torrent community for the amount of downloads i have done but i want to have my total torrenting traffic securely hiden for my downloads and seeding as my isp seems to be throtting on all my downloads.

can anyone advise of wheather i need a new fibre router and the vest vpn to use if indeed they can be truely stealth as a lot claim? it's just gotrusted seem to be using 2 ip address so is my isp got onto this and blocked or choked both??

sorry if my questions seem elementary but i have a lot to learn about the whole torrenting game.. thank you for all advise on this


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