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Changing advanced settings for RSS Update Interval


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I'm having trouble with this setting, too.

I have 35 RSS feeds. 6 of them are unchecked in RSS Favorites tab (does this disable them???)

All of these feeds connect to the same server and the server limits to 3MB of bandwidth per 24 hours.

The feeds all have a TTL of 60 minutes. I have the rss.update_interval set to 90 to try and limit the requests.

I checked my stats on the server, and in 10 hours there have been 353 HTTP requests in 10 hours. I've manually checked probably the 3 times.

So this tells me that 1) unchecking the feed does NOT disable it, is there some other way I should be using to -temporarily- disable a feed when I don't need it? I don't want to delete the feed because I'll want to enable it again in a couple months. 2) uTorrent is following the TTL (10 hrs / 60 minutes * 35 feeds = 350 requests) instead of my explicitly set interval, even though what I set is a longer interval (10 hrs / 90 minutes * 35 feeds = 233 requests)

So how can I temporarily disable the feeds without deleting them, and how can I get uTorrent to actually use the longer interval instead of the TTL from the feed?

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