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uTorrent server web GUI unresponsive


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I have been running uTorrent server on my computer (OS: Ubuntu server) which I access through a web browser and this setup has been working fine to download torrents. On adding the last torrent to download which is about 250GB the web GUI interface has become unresponsive. The webapge loads but the buttons and icons are all unresponsive and the torrent list never loads it just displays the message "Loading, please wait". This means that I cannot use it currently to download torrents and I am not able to check the status of the downloads in progress.

This has been like this for a couple of weeks now, and doesn't seem to be letting up. I am not too clued up on how to go about troubleshooting / fixing this issue. Similarly I am not sure what information would be useful to you in helping me troubleshoot and fix this so please do ask for anything if you think it will help.

The one thing I think could have caused the problem is that the last torrent download is greater than the size of the harddisk it is downloading on to, which is kind of stupid thing to do but you know, shit happens sometimes. To be clear though, the disk isn't full yet, just at some point in the future during this download it will be full. The first thing I would like to do / understand is stop the current downloads, which I can't do using the web interface, and change the location to which the torrents will download to another, bigger, harddisk. I am not sure where / how uTorrent server manages torrents so I am not too sure how to do this.

Any help you guys or girls can offer would be great.


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